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Amino 2222 Optimum Nutrition 160 gr

Amino 2222 Optimum Nutrition 160 gr

Amino 2222 Optimum Nutrition 160 gr

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Description Amino 2222 Optimum Nutrition 160 gr

Optimum Nutrition - Amino 2222 is a powerful amino acid complex that contains 18 types of amino acids.

Intake of amino acids is essential for any human body, especially for athletes and people with high physical activity. Amino acids play a crucial role in any process going on in the body. Their importance is especially great for the recovery, growth and development of muscle tissue. Amino 2222 contains 18 types of amino acids, including important amino acids that the body can not produce on its own. Each serving contains 2,222 milligrams of high-quality amino acids, which are not only responsible for the production of all enzymes in the body, but also play an important role in normalizing mood, concentration, aggression, attention, sleep and sexual function. Amino 2222 is convenient to use because it is in the form of tablets and it is very easy to take. Taking it before exercise will stop the process of muscle breakdown or catabolism in your body, and after exercise it will quickly restore the muscles and stimulate the growth of dry muscle mass.

Key Features and Specifications of Optimum Nutrition - Amino 2222:

- Contains 18 types of amino acids

- Improves the recovery process

- Blocks catabolic processes

- Activates anabolic processes

- Reduces fatigue and muscle pain

- Promotes the growth of dry muscle mass

- Participates in all important processes in the body

Method of administration and dosage

Take 2 pills 2 times a day. Take before and after exercise.


If you are under 18 years of age, pregnant or lactating, if you have a diagnosis of any medical condition or are taking medication, do not use it without consulting your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Food supplements should be part of a healthy and varied diet.

0 Amino 2222 Optimum Nutrition 160 gr

Package weight: 160 gr
Type: Аминокислотный комплекс
Country of manufacture: USA

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