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Best Glutamine Bpi Sports 400 gr

Best Glutamine Bpi Sports 400 gr

Best Glutamine Bpi Sports 400 gr

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Description Best Glutamine Bpi Sports 400 gr

Bpi Sports - Best Glutamine Best Glutamine is a unique product of one of the best American brands BPI sports, created with modern technological processing and low-quality raw materials. Glutamine is an important amino acid that is found in the largest amounts in our body and is one of the best supplements for recovery and the development of lean muscle mass. Intense exercise can lower glutamine levels in the body and it is necessary to replenish this balance, which is why it is recommended to take glutamine as a dietary supplement. BPI Best Glutamine is designed to prevent protein catabolism (breakdown of muscle proteins) and help make your workout more effective. This product combines the 6 most effective and powerful forms of glutamine: L-Glutamine: - This most studied form of glutamine has been shown to be effective and safe at doses up to 40 grams per day. Glutamine AKG The addition of an alpha-ketoglutarate glutamine to the skeleton provides greater efficacy and stability, AKG binds to endogenous glutamine, and increases glutamine synthesis and availability. Glutamine acid - Glutamic acid is one of the most effective forms of stable absorption. The amino acid N-acetyl L-Glutamine is modified by the acetylation of the amino group, this form offers a stable source of additional glutamine. Glutamine (as oligopeptide-enzyme technology) This form binds glutamine to other amino acids to form a peptide-linked chain (oligopeptide).The oligopeptide form can act as a better means of transport to facilitate more efficient metabolism, help increase bioavailability, onset, and generally improve glutamine efficacy. L-Alanyl L-Glutamine- is a dipeptide of glutamine and alanine. This form of glutamine is stable to both heat and acids and is also water soluble, which increases absorption. Studies have shown that this form of glutamine has the potential to improve exercise. Properties of Best Glutamine:

Contains 6.5 grams of 6 types of glutamine per serving;

Qualifies quickly;

Protects muscle from injury;

Strengthens immunity;

Accelerates muscle recovery;

Promotes dry muscle growth;

Made in America;

Promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system

Method of administration and dosage: 1 serving (8 grams) dissolve in 150-250 ml of cold water and take 1-2 times a day after exercise and at bedtime.

0 Best Glutamine Bpi Sports 400 gr

Brands: Bpi Sports
Package weight: 400 gr
Type: Glutamine
Country of manufacture: USA

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