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Cla+Carnitin Bpi Sports 350 gr

Cla+Carnitin Bpi Sports 350 gr

Cla+Carnitin Bpi Sports 350 gr

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Description Cla+Carnitin Bpi Sports 350 gr

If your goal is to burn fat fast without any extra stimulants then this product is the ideal choice. The product created by one of the leading American brands BPI Sports will help you achieve the desired result quickly through its two most popular and safest fat-burning components: L-CARNITINE is a unique product that not only enhances fat burning, but also improves basic metabolic processes, normalizes nervous system function And in addition has a strong antioxidant effect. L-CARNITINE is a natural substance with no side effects and contraindications CLA It is a unique complex of fatty acids that helps reduce fat without reducing muscle mass. It also nourishes your joints and maintains health at high loads, lowers cholesterol levels and most importantly does not irritate your body in any way. BPI Sports CLA + Carnitine also contains high amounts of D3 to help boost immunity and nourish the skeletal system. CLA + Carnitine Properties:

Contains 2000 mg per portion of L-CARNITINE;

Contains D3 and strengthens immunity;

Contains 2000 mg per serving of CLA;

Burns fat and increases energy;

Accelerates metabolism;

Does not contain stimulants;

Has a GMP degree;

Made in America

Recommended use: Dilute one teaspoon (6 grams) in 250 ml of cold water and take twice a day in the morning and evening without warning during pregnancy or lactation.Stop taking the medication and consult your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms, if you notice a skin rash or have another allergic reaction. Do not take before the age of 18. Consult your doctor before taking these products if you are being treated or have been diagnosed with any disease, or are taking medication. Improper intake of these products will not give you results, so use only as directed. Keep in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.

0 Cla+Carnitin Bpi Sports 350 gr

Brands: Bpi Sports
Package weight: 350 gr
Type: L Carnitine
Country of manufacture: USA

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