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Collagen 500mg Haya Labs 90 Caps

Collagen 500mg Haya Labs 90 Caps

Collagen 500mg Haya Labs 90 Caps

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Description Collagen 500mg Haya Labs 90 Caps

Collagen - Collagen, this is the main fiber protein contained in the connective tissue of the body. Collagen is present in our bones, joints and also in large amounts in the skin. Collagen is also contained in our hair, nails, gums, muscles, yoga, tendons, blood vessels, teeth, eyes, food processing system.

Collagen is made up of amino acids that have different uses and benefits for our body. This substance is the most abundant in the human body compared to other proteins and makes up about 30% of the total protein. The production of this protein naturally slows down with age. From the age of 25 our body reduces collagen production and by the age of 45 we lose about 30% of the total amount. At this time the body loses its youthful appearance, the manifestations of which are wrinkles, loose, inelastic skin, joint pain and more. Men have a higher amount of collagen in the body than women, which is why they retain dense skin for a long time and wrinkles appear later. Especially large amounts of collagen are lost after menopause. Women’s skin sometimes looks worse than the skin of men their age. So women need to start taking care of their own skin much earlier.

Collagen reduction is facilitated by improper diet, high sugar content in the diet, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, sun exposure. To avoid this, the ideal option is to take it as a collagen supplement.The highest quality collagen from the company Haya Labs will help you replenish your daily dose and keep you looking youthful. Increasing the level of collagen in the body helps skin cells to renew and recover, the skin becomes denser, smoother and more elastic, wrinkles are reduced. Haya Labs Collagen also helps dehydrated skin regain hydration and moisture. This substance is also responsible for healthy, strong hair and nails. Studies by the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) have found that collagen results in natural healing of skin blemishes, scars and acne scars.

Action of Haya Labs Collagen:

  • Skin and hair - High levels of collagen give the skin density, smoothness and help rejuvenate its cells and restore normal.
  • Joints - When there is a lack of collagen in the body, the tendons and joints do not move freely, which causes stretching, joint stiffness, etc. Studies have shown that collagen has healing properties in osteoarthritis and other joint diseases.
  • Tightly closed intestine - collagen removes proteins, softens intestinal tissue and heals damaged cell walls
  • Accelerates metabolism and energy production
  • Strengthens nails and teeth - Collagen forms blocks in nails and teeth, adding it to your daily diet will strengthen your nails and teeth
  • Detoxification - If you want to detoxify your body, collagen can really help you with that
  • Reduces cellulite


Composition of Haya Labs Collagen in portion (1 capsule):

500 mg.Hydrolyzed collagen

Directions: Take one capsule on an empty stomach

Warning: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid sunlight

Serving: 1 capsule

Number of servings per pack: 90

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