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Haya Labs

Ashwagandha 450mg Haya Labs 90 caps

Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha is an Indian plant whose roots and fruits are widely used in Ayurvedic med..


Biotin Maximum Strength 10 000 mcg Haya Labs 100 Tabs

Biotin - Biotin is a water-soluble B group vitamin, namely vitamin B7. It is also called "H" and "Be..


Calcium Magnesium & Zinc with Vitamin D Haya Labs 90 Tabs

Calcium Magnesium & Zinc with Vitamin D - This is a combined formula of calcium, magnesium, zinc..


Collagen 500mg Haya Labs 90 Caps

Collagen - Collagen, this is the main fiber protein contained in the connective tissue of the body. ..


Hair, Skin and Nails Haya Labs 60 Caps

Hair, Skin & Nail - a special complex for hair, skin and nails. It is a complex of multifunction..


Omega 3 Haya Labs 1000mg. / 100 Softgels

Omega 3 from the company Haya Labs - this is a high quality fish oil in gelatin capsules. The ingred..


Omega 3 Haya Labs 1000mg. / 200 Softgels

Omega 3 1000mg - 200 softgels - Haya Labs - Omega 3 - MOREmuscleOmega 3 is a product from Haya Labs,..


Sports Citrulline Malate Haya Labs 200 g

Haya Labs Sports Citrulline Malate is a nutritional supplement that contains 100% pure citrulline ma..


Zinc Bisgllycinate 30 mg Haya Labs 100 Tabs

Zinc Chelated - Zinc (Zinc) tablets from the company HAYA LABS is a very important trace element for..


ZMA Haya Labs 90 Caps

Haya Labs ZMA (Zinc - Magnesium - Vitamin B6) - pro-anabolic, a drug for increasing testosterone lev..


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