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Hyper Mass 4000g /BioTech USA/ chocolate

Hyper Mass 4000g /BioTech USA/ chocolate

Hyper Mass 4000g /BioTech USA/ chocolate

BrandsBioTech USA
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Description Hyper Mass 4000g /BioTech USA/ chocolate

Hyper Mass 5000 BioTech - this is the strongest gainer with creatine for rapid growth of muscle mass, designed for rapid weight gain and provides your body with all the necessary substances. Gainer Hyper Mass 5000 BioTech contains milk protein that is optimally balanced with a full set of amino acids, as well as a complex carbohydrate matrix that nourishes the muscles during intense exercise. In addition, Hyper Mass 5000 contains creatine, which is essential for rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. 

Hyper Mass 5000 provides a positive nitrogen balance in the body. This is a gainer designed for all categories of athletes and will help you increase muscle mass as quickly as possible.

Hyper Mass 5000 BioTech Ingredients in One Portion (65g.): 

How to Take: It is advisable to take 1 serving of Gainer (65g. = 1 tablespoon) ) 2-3 times a day. Optimal time of intake: Immediately after exercise and between meals 

Warning: Consult your doctor in case of health problems. Store tightly closed, in a dry and cool place. It is not recommended to take at least 3 liters of water a day. 

Serving: 65 grams

0 Hyper Mass 4000g /BioTech USA/ chocolate

Brands: BioTech USA
Package weight: 4000g
Release form: Powder
Country of manufacture: Hungary

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