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L-Arginine BioTech USA 90 caps

L-Arginine BioTech USA 90 caps

L-Arginine BioTech USA 90 caps

BrandsBioTech USA
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Description L-Arginine BioTech USA 90 caps

L-Arginine BioTech - is a conditionally essential amino acid that has many important functions in the human body. Arginine is one of the most important components for metabolism in muscle tissue. Stimulates growth hormone production, promotes the reduction of fat stores and rapid growth of muscle mass, is used to increase energy tone, improves blood circulation, is used to prevent sexual dysfunction, to improve the work of the brain, heart and central nervous system. It can be taken by athletes as well as any person to improve their health. Stabilizes blood pressure 

Provides an increase in energy tone 

Increases muscle endurance 

Improves the central nervous system 

Improves blood circulation Improves blood circulation} Condition.   Advantages of L-Arginine BioTech:  Optimal Arginine Concentration 

Has High Biological Value

Outstanding High Quality And Efficiency 

L-Arginine BioTech Ingredients in 1 serving (1 capsule): 

 L-Arginine - 1000 mg.

0 L-Arginine BioTech USA 90 caps

Brands: BioTech USA
Type: L-Arginine
Release form: Capsules
Country of manufacture: Hungary

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