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L-Glutamine 240g jar /Made in EU

L-Glutamine 240g jar /Made in EU

L-Glutamine 240g jar /Made in EU

BrandsBioTech USA
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Description L-Glutamine 240g jar /Made in EU

100% L-Glutamine BioTech USA 240 g - High quality pure glutamine powder. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. With excessive physical activity, the body can no longer produce glutamine. At this time the demand for it increases several times. 

What causes glutamine deficiency in the body? - Decreased immunity, breakdown of muscle tissue, enhances catabolism. That is why it is necessary for an athlete to take L-glutamine. 

100% Regular intake of L-Glutamine 240 g: Essential for protein synthesis 

accumulates glycogen 

promotes the production of growth hormone 

Provides maintenance of normal blood sugar levels 

Provides complex recovery of the body after exercise ძლიერ {1. 

100% 240 g Composition of L-Glutamine in one serving (5 g): 

L-Glutamine - 5000 mg. 

Portion: 5 grams

0 L-Glutamine 240g jar /Made in EU

Brands: BioTech USA
Package weight: 240 g
Type: L-Glutamine
Release form: powder
Country of manufacture: Hungary

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