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One Bar 2.0 Everbuild Nutrition

One Bar 2.0 Everbuild Nutrition

One Bar 2.0 Everbuild Nutrition

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Description One Bar 2.0 Everbuild Nutrition

Protein One Bar This is the latest protein bar designed for athletes, its updated formula contains the maximum amount of protein.

Advantages of One Bar 2.0:

  • Delivers the required amount of protein to the body in the form of sweets
  • Helps with muscle growth
  • It is distinguished by an unusual flavor
  • Enriched with BCAAs and glutamine
  • Provides energy growth

We know how important it is for every athlete to get the required amount of protein and carbohydrates. This requires the intake of foods rich in nutrients to accelerate the process of muscle recovery and growth. One Bar is the most delicious protein bar, with ultra soft technology, high quality protein complex with milk protein isolate, whey isolate and milk protein concentrate.

One Bar - This is more than just protein chocolate!

Flavors of One Bar 2.0:

  • Double chocolate
  • Chocolate and bananas
  • Chocolate and oranges
  • White chocolate and coconut


How to take: Take one protein bar at any time of the day when you can not get food, before or after exercise to prevent catabolism in the body.

Warning: Store in a dry and cool place, up to 25 degrees. Avoid sunlight. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Serving: 1 protein bar (85 g)

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