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Platinum Mass Superior Nutrition Strawberry 6810g

Platinum Mass Superior Nutrition Strawberry 6810g

Platinum Mass Superior Nutrition Strawberry 6810g

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Description Platinum Mass Superior Nutrition Strawberry 6810g

Superior 14 - Platinum Mass

Gain Pure Muscle Mass – with Platinum Mass

Platinum Mass rebuilds it!

Professional mass gainer to replenish the increased nutritional needs of bodybuilders, professional athletes, strongmen even non professional athletes.

Especially for HARDGAINER

Every dosage of Platinum Mass contains high quality protein, carbohydrates, BCAA, Glutamine and creatin in a special scientifically developed ratio to gain mass and size.

The engine of Platinum Mass:

A carbohydrate combination with different absorption levels, fast- middle-and slow absorption. The result of this is constant insulin and energy level, exactly this is the trigger to gain mass and get strong.

An ideal mix of proteins with fast and slow absorption levels. (Whey protein, milk protein, calcium casein, milk and soy protein isolate) for the constant amino acid supply of the muscle system. The result of this is a constant flush of amino acids into the muscle cells over a long period of time.

Anabolic & Anticatabolic ingredients like Extra Glutamine and Extra BCAA, to deliver an extra amount of the most important amino acids for recovery and muscle gain. Without these amino acids there is no muscle gain!

Cell Volumizer, Creatine Matrix (Creatine Monohydrate, Tri Creatine Malate, and Creatine HCL) for the enchantment of the muscle tone and strength level. This special Matrix also delivers you more energy, caused by the ATP.

The special ratio of all the ingredients promote the natural hormone level, the result is that you have more human growth hormone, insulin and testosterone in your body. This brings you in an anabolic and anticatabolic status and helps you to gain more mass and strength!

You also will love the creamy and tasty flavor of Platinum Mass – normally high quality BCAA and Glutamine taste bitter when there is an extra high amount of it in Protein or Gainer supplements - But not in Platinum Mass, the ingredients are on the highest quality level, but you will only taste the special flavor - Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry!

Platinum Mass is not comparable to any other product on the market!

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